Client fix

  • The animations for first person no longer uses third person animations
  • Sharks no longer bash fences
  • Fix for title list not showing correctly when “It’s a Trap” is in list

Happy Easter everyone!

  • We celebrate this Easter by doing two things: upping creature AI a bit, and nerfing lava spawns which were making a bit of a mess. Enjoy! Hopefully the Easter Bunny pops by so don’t forget to check for your egg come Saturday! Remember, the Bunny likes to hide it in grass.

Heartbleed information

As many of you are aware by now there is a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic protocol which has been dubbed Heartbleed.

Our game software is not vulnerable to the bug. We have updated all our web servers with the latest patches.

We have asked our service providers what they have done about this and the ones we could get hold of all responded positively.

Our web hosting company states: “yes, we already updated openssl to the newest version – additional information about this could be found here

Invision, our forum software company states: “All of our servers were updated to the latest version of OpenSSL to secure them against the Heartbleed bug as soon as the issue was discovered.”

Paypal has made the following statement:

1) Your PayPal account is secure
2) Your PayPal account details were not exposed in the past and remain secure
3) You do not need to take any additional action to safeguard your information
4) There is no need to change your password



We received this from Xsolla:

Our team has reviewed our exposure and we want to make clear to you the
steps we’ve taken to ensure your continued protection:
None of our public facing web servers are running the version of OpenSSL
that includes this vulnerability and there is no impact to the Xsolla service.
Some of the servers we communicate with internally were using the
affected version of OpenSSL; these systems have all been patched with a
new version of OpenSSL that eliminates the vulnerability.

We have reviewed the potential exposure and we have no evidence to
suggest that any user data has been compromised.

Mega Server test concluded!

The test conducted on our Mega Server today was in many ways a success but the server lag became a bit too heavy with 600+ players online at the same time.  What was very nice to see was that the server didn’t die or totally freeze. In a sense it was still playable and many of you didn’t seem to care much but the lag wasn’t really noticeable if you were only walking around or fighting. It would be very frustrating during creation or building though.

We’ll look further into what can be done to reduce lag and discuss the data we gathered.

A  heartful thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this test – we did find things that we do not want to run in to in a live release situation. Next test will be at a better time with a bit more notice. We’ll keep you posted with any decisions we make!


Mega Server test client link

Allright, the game client you need to use for the Xanadu Mega Server test is our standard test client, which has been modified to connect to that server:

There is no need to register for the event – just type a nickname and a random password and connect.

We suggest that you download it now so that your graphics packs update properly.

What we are testing is to see how a large population affects lag on the server, so don’t hesitate to run multiple clients at once. The test is scheduled to run between 22.00 and 23.00 hrs CEST today but we will try to keep the test going as long as population numbers increase.

We’ll be streaming how it looks ingame as well on

Thanks for joining in!

Help us test our new Mega-Server on Thursday!

On Thursday 10/4 at 22.00 hrs CEST we will test a Mega Sized Server and want you to help us out! The size we are testing is 16 times the size of our current largest servers.

Our current largest servers are 16×16 kilometers, and this new map is 64×64 kilometers, or 4096 square kilometers, non-instanced, single zone fully modifiable, living terrain!

We want to see how many players can be on the server simultaneously and see how bad the lag gets on the client and server under heavy load. There will also be 50 000 creatures roaming the wilderness (which is a fairly low population in Wurm terms).
NO REGISTRATION WILL BE REQUIRED FOR JOINING THE TEST! You will just have to type in your desired nickname and a random password and click play once we provide the link to the client used for the test.
Apart from the fact that no other MMO has ever launched a modifyable map of this size, running this many players in one game zone is pretty unusual in itself and will be an interesting experience. We strongly suggest you join in.
We will livestream the event on
In case all goes well we’ll consider releasing the server within a few weeks after some more testing and tweaking.
We will post a link to the game client used for these tests on our launcher and in the news section of the web site approximately half an hour before the test goes live. Note that this test will last approximately one hour and the server will be made unavailable afterwards and the database will probably be wiped.
Hope you can make it!
The Wurm Online Team

Creature move bugfix. Mission tweaks

  • Domestic creature pathfinding fix
  • Sleeping in beds on other deeds should now properly remove your model
  • Changed Valrei behaviour according to this forum suggestion.  (No delay between missions. Every mission completed advances a set move timer instead. You may set deity target hex by spending a lot of karma using Commune on an altar on Epic servers)
  • Attempting to snipe or ignore deity accounts should no longer cause continuous error messages
  • Fixed a reason for the erroneous regions in Epic build mission target descriptions
  • Creation missions will no longer require altars or similar decorations
  • Creation missions will no longer require large ships
  • Cut down tree missions now follow the settlement borders better