Welcome to Wurm Online!

Wurm Online Trailer

So many of us want a home on the internet. Wurm will provide you with that! You can build your own little home anywhere in our lands, for free!  If you find out that you could use some help, you can always join others in forming a settlement and cooperate.

So many of us wonder why we can’t change the online worlds we inhabit. Why we are limited to the role of spectators. Wurm changes that! You can terraform every part of the lands of Wurm. You build the roads, the caves, the walls and the mansions using the resources you gather. And while gathering resources, you also change the world.

A lot of us look for true adventure and real glory. Wurm offers a world without predesigned quests and fake stories. You as a participant create the stories and history of this world. We offer some basic goals, but eventually it is up to you to decide where you want to go – maybe you want to be a craftsman, farmer, priest, hero or king? Just strive for it and grab the chance when it arises!

If you have been looking for these things, chances are that you have finally made it home.

This is Wurm Online. Welcome!